Prof. Dr. Jacques Waynberg MD PhD
57, rue Charlot - 75003 PARIS
Tel. +33 1 42 71 10 30
Fax +33 1 42 71 51 15

Sexotherapist – Associated Professor at the University of Paris
Executive Director of the Institute of Sexology in Paris
Degrees (University of Nancy - France):

School of Medicine
Doctorate in General Medicine - 1968
Post-doctorate in Industrial Medicine - 1970
Post-graduate training in Psychiatry -1972
Post-doctorate in Forensic Medicine - 1974
Specialization degree in Penitentiary Medicine - 1976
Post-graduate training in Gynecology - 1978

Faculty of Science
Specialization degree in General Biology - 1973

Faculty of Arts
Graduate degree in Literature - 1967
Specialization degree in Psychopathology - 1974

Faculty of Law
Specialization degree in Criminology - 1967

Post-graduate training in Sexology in the United States
Kinsey's Institute, University of Bloomington - 1973-1975
Masters and Johnson Foundation, University of Saint Louis - 1974
Nation Sex Forum Institute, in San Francisco - 1973-1976

Medical consultant to Public Institutions in France
Ministry of Health
Clinical Practitioner consultant - 1983-1989

Ministry of Justice
Forensic Expert for the Law-courts of Nancy - 1973-1976
Penitentiary Psychiatrist at Toul and Ecrouves prisons - 1973-1976
Research Director for the Research Center for Supervised Education - 1976


Saint-Louis Hospital (Paris)
Medical consultant for AIDS’s patients in psycho-sexual
educational and support programs - current

Hôtel-Dieu Hospital (Paris)
Forensic Sexology Department: management of Sexual
Abuse Victims and treatment of Sex Offenders - current

Education and Research Activities

University of Paris VII School of Medicine

Program Director of « Sexology and Social Health » Department - Due 1999

Founder (1978) and Executive Director of
Institute of Sexology (Paris), a Non-Governmental Organization
providing post-graduate training, specific lectures and training for
special educators and social workers, undertaking clinical research,
managing a library, as also specific audiovisual materials and archives - current

Handicom®, a Non-Governmental Organization, providing vocational
training, resources Center, surveys and organizing International meetings
focusing on the rehabilitation of disabled persons - 1980-1987

International Cooperation

Commissioned by:
the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Montreal (1974) - Moscow,
Kiev and Leningrad(1978),Prague (1979), Rome, Milan and Naples (1982)
the World Health Organization: Athens and Bucharest (1990) - Tbilissi (1991),
Yaoundé (1995) - Turin (1997) - St-Petersburg ( 1998) - Cairo ( 1999), Tehran (2002)

As Guest Professor, for many one-time lectures and workshops, for European
Institutions, as also in the United States, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.

Many Scientific articles and interviews, editorials and prefaces, published in French
and other languages, notably in English, German, Swedish, Polish, Russian, and Japanese.

Actualités Sexologiques (Current Events in Sexology) - Masson 1979
Handicap et Sexualité (Disability and Sexuality) - Masson 1981
Premières réponses en sexologie de pratique quotidienne (First Answers to Daily Practices in Sexology) + Arabic translation - Sandoz 1982
Guide pratique de la vie du couple (The Sex Guide for Couples) - Filipacchi 1984
Le sexe de l'homme (The Male Sex) - Le Seuil 1985
Les idées reçues sur la sexualité (The Sexual Myths), translations in Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Italian and German- Hachette 1988
La sexualité (Sexuality) - Hachette 1993
Guide pratique de sexologie médicale (Practical Guide to Medical Sexology) - Simep 1994
La sexualité (Sexuality) - Milan 1996
Le dico de l’amour et des pratiques sexuelles (The Dictionary of Love and Sex Drive) - Milan 1999
Jouir, c'est aimer (The joy of sex is love) - Milan 2003



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